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Lilly’s Tombstone Memories provides a truly
extraordinary shopping experience

At Lilly’s Tombstone Memories you can find unique and hand-crafted treasures to bring back old memories and make new memories. You can find something for everyone in the family, including a fifty-cent cold bottle of water.


Items we sell include, but are not limited, to modern and antique western firearms, the biggest selection of knives in Tombstone. Jewelry selection includes, but is not limited to, Native American, Southwestern, steampunk, and skulls. We also carry handcrafted items from local artists, home decor, prickly pear and huckleberry candies and other food products. For children, we have various candies and suckers, cowboy toys, games, coloring books, and more.

Our shop transforms to meet the desires and requests of the Guests therefore, often makes purchases based on what so many ask for when they visit. Our Guests tell us how much they like the selections available at the store and often return to see what is new.

We are known for our outstanding friendly service and variety of unique items. Even though Tombstone is considered a tourist town, we have many repeat Guests who return monthly, annually, or whenever they can get away from home. We get to know them by name and they become known as our Guests, friends and sometimes family, not customers. Our goal is for you to leave with a smile on your face.

Tombstone is unique to History and Lilly’s Tombstone Memories is unique to Tombstone.